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Cinegize is the logical step of standard software replacing proprietary hardware. Cinegize is replacing traditional, high-end  hardware based KVMoverIP solutions or expensive VDI solutions, which fail doing high-end graphics and video anyway.
Cinegize provides the same high-quality experience you have  using a high-end 3D modelling or video editing workstation being sat physically in front of a directly connected monitor, but being remotely connected via the local network running the Cinegize client software on an ordinary Windows PC.
This is not using H.264 or HEVC hardware compression with its known issues and problems but an advanced massive parallel processing video codec designed to run on GPUs natively (go to for more information). Resolutions like UHD, 8K or 16K are not a problem for Cinegize, no matter what color depth or frame rate.

WARNING: Cinegize is not an Internet remote access or support software like TeamViewer or AnyDesk. It is for use within a local network or a private, high-speed WAN. Think of Cinegize as a virtual, high-end KVM over IP replacement.

Software Only

No additional hardware needed - just the power of your graphics card, preferably a recent NVIDIA card. On the client side an integrated graphics card will do.


Remote Ops

Use you graphics workstation via the LAN with an experience as if it was locally connected - low latency and full resolution.


NVIDIA GPU Accelerated

Cinegize utilizes the GPU to real-time compress or decompress the video output where it is created - offloading the CPU. 

CPU Optimized

Cinegize runs also without GPU acceleration creating minimum CPU load.
Perfect for thin client setups.


Share & Collaborate

Have multiple people watch your screen output in real-time and allow them to take control to collaborate.


Release April 4th, 2020

Windows 10 64bit

Technical Partners

SRT Alliance

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